Valid indexed fields
all: for any indexed field
title: for title information
jtitle: for journal title
isxn: for ISSN or ISBN
author: for authors (personal, corporate, etc.)
keyword: for keywords
abstract: for abstract
publisher: for publisher name
year: for year of publication
media: for document type (article, audio, book, digital, dissertation, film, image, map, object, periodical)
sid: for the original source id
sysid: for the uniCat local id.

Some search examples

architect* finds architect, architectural, architects, etc.
te?t finds text, test, tent, telt, temt, etc.
"History of Belgium" finds the exact word combination "History of Belgium", not "Belgium and its history"
dostojevski~ finds dostojevski,dostoewski,Dostoevskij, etc.
year:[1560 TO 1600] finds books published between 1560 and 1600
author:shakespeare title:lear finds books by author "Shakespeare" in combination with ("AND") title word "Lear"
sysid:4070288 view record 4070288 of the UniCat index
sid:ulb-100000 view record 100000 of the ULB catalogue
sid:ulb* view all records from ULB